Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Cloud Room @ Music for Ants

I'm still just trying to get things going with this site so sorry if you stumble across it but posting mp3s still seems a little away from me. First of all, lets try a link. We'll try one to a blog I'm a fan of which has recently posted a couple of tracks by The Cloud Room, a band well worth checking out, especially the track Hey Now Now(I'll put it up when I know how).

Well worth a look.

Also worth a look is the equally impressive Central Village which I'm sure many of you will be familiar with. They regularly review things going on in the New York scene making us in the UK very envious. Last week they talked about the Arcade Fire's random appearance in Union Square. Having been there I know how magic that area is, but I didn't see anything as brilliant as AF doing Cure and New Order tracks!

Always both worth a look.

Hope these links work - first time trying all this and all that...



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Blogger Taylor said...

Thanks for the mention. You might want to turn the word check on so you don't get spam comments like the one above.

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