Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Gameboy is dying

Crystal Castles are nothing new and the Klaxons remix here has nodoubt already had its run on your ipod but I still think that they are doing something just a little different to anyone else out there just now. How manic screaming and dodgy computer sounds come together to make something this good I don't know. Alice Practice is so incredibly tense and I absolutely adore the Lovers who Uncover mix. Perhaps not for everyone but worth a go.

File this one, once again, under the "not for everyone" tab but Hadouken's remixes seem to have grabbed a fair few blogs attention in the past few weeks with their work on Bloc Party and Klaxons and now here is their own track. Granted its already been a song of the week on Radio 1 so its not shiny new, but if you haven't heard this "grime-rave"(?!?) then give it a go.

Hadouken! - That Boy, That Girl


Friday, March 02, 2007

Hopefully someone somwhere still checks into this...

The Teenagers seem to be gathering a good amount of buzz of late, not least over at Good Weather for Airstrikes which has been showing them a lot of love. And it was GWFA that brought to my attention just how little original material of theirs that is going about. Whilst I am not about to dispel that, here is a little of their own stuff, granted most of it has been remixed, for people needing a quick fix. Its good stuff and the bass lines dominate especially on the cool as fuck "We are the Teenagers"; got to love a theme tune.

The Teenagers - We are the Teenagers
The Teenagers - Sleeping Bag (Yo Yo Version)
The Teenagers - Fuck Nicole (Detect Remix)
The Teenagers - Homecoming (Bono Must Die Remix)

I've got a handful of others if anyone is interested but the excellent remix of the NYPC track "The Bomb" is available enough I think for most folk to find it themselves.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Rave?

I really hate the term new rave just as much as anyone else but its beginning to really become quite its own scene now. I've already posted on Klaxons quite a bit, been to see CSS lately, loving me a bit of Van She, so here is another couple of tracks which I can't help but feel they fall into a similar category. I haven't been as excited about a band on hearing one track as I was when I first heard The French Open from Foals. Its everything you would want, great build up and then a complete blast of shouting and noise. The build up is in fact really quite long for a short track, imagine a DFA extended mix. Beautiful stuff. The other tracks on their myspace don't quite live up to it but they are in the same vain. These New Puritans have been kicking about a bit longer and more of a reputation and this song is particularly good. The intro has a Joy Division-esque feel to it but this comparison fades quickly when the vocals appear. Great track, enjoy.

Foals - The French Open (Demo) (Highly recommended)

These New Puritans - Chamber


Monday, December 04, 2006

A New Week...

Scotland ain't doing so bad just now, what with the View taking over the charts and both Glasgow and Edinburgh (more to come on the latter's music scene soon) looking good with new bands a plenty. Union of Knives are one of the real gems though. This lot from Glasgow make superb tunes and I recommend this to anyone who has liked anything as wide ranged as I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness through to Stars.

Union of Knives - Evil has Never

Word is that Klaxons next single is to be Golden Skans. Excellent news. This track is far different to the sound which people have so far associated with the band which I think will bring them greater success than Magick which was easily their weakest track so far. The band looked every part the upcoming success story of 2007 on Jools Holland the other night. I imagine the track will be re-recorded for the album but here's an older version.

Klaxons - Golden Skans (removed at request of label)

Bloc Party. Enough said. This track is the most anthemic and currently my favourite from the forthcoming album "A Weekend in the City".

Bloc Party - I Still Remember

Hot Chip and DFA, what a combination. This one ain't anything new and its been flying about the blogs for ages but it has been keeping me company through some fairly dull studying this week so thought I'd share it with anyone who has been unfortunate enough to miss it thus far.

Hot Chip - Like We Breakdown (DFA mix)


in excellent news for Edinburgh, top newcomers Foals are playing a free gig at The Cabaret Voltaire with Supersystem!

and I cannot recommend to you enough that you head over to both Headphone Sex and Good Weather for Airstrikes, two of the best blogs going, and check out their posts on I Was a Cub Scout; Teenage Skin has been keeping me going all day.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The best of things while I was away...

The best album of the year? Not sure, there's tough competition as expected but despite being amongs the biggest Manic Street Preachers fans out there, I had no idea what to expect from James Dean Bradfield's solo album. But I was thankfully blown away and never more so than this song which is sublime. I cannot recommend this highly enough and it was equally superb seeing him live in Dundee.

On my travels to the USA this year I took in the fabulous Lollapalooza where I was lucky enough to see what is certainly up there with the best live performances I have ever seen. Broken Social Scene blew me away with the intensity of the gig. Having seen them in a small venue only a few months before and loved it, I had no idea they could up their game to this. Just immense. I have never been able to get a recording of the gig so this is a plea for anyone who may have it. This track is one which doesn't get enough praise; not a live track or anything but one which should be present on any good chill out mix.

Broken Social Scene - Lovers Spit (redux)

and Cold War Kids didn't do a bad job either in impressing me on one of the smaller stages; still love this song as much as I did when I first heard it.

Cold War Kids - Hang Me up to Dry

Favourite new Ryan Adams song without a doubt is this one and considering his output over th past year or two, this has been some find. This recording is from his Glasgow Academy gig, the very one where I saw him open his set with this new, previously unrecorded track and I fell in love with it straight away. Up there with his best without a doubt. Getting this recording almost made me forget how average his set at Lollapalooza was. Almost.

Ryan Adams - Don't Get Sentimental on Me (Live at Glasgow Academy 15/02/2006)

Best remixes? Well these 2 here ain't half bad. Everyone is giving Klaxons big love at the moment and rightly so, they are awesome and I think I had one of the earliest posts on them earlier this year. This remix of one of the less posted of the EP tracks is a delight, sure to delight anyone who has loved the Digital Penetration CD or "New-Rave" sene emerge this year. The Rapture, also pushing for album of the year, are treated to a fabulous quasi-rave-mix here courtesy of Simian Mobile Disco and its awesome with the "people don't dance no more" being pushed in your face from the start. Love it.

The Klaxons - The Bouncer (South Central Remix) (large file but very much recommended)

The Rapture - WAYU (Simian Mobile Disco Mix)


Sunday, November 26, 2006

A taste of things to come...

I would sit here and tell you all how rubbish getting my flat broken into was but that would just be dull. Instead lets get back to what I used to do, write about new British bands a lot and a little less about bands from elsewhere. This first post is a brief view of current listening, do enjoy.

What I have been wondering mostly is why Los Campesinos have not been getting blogged to death the world over? They are fantastic. Great, great fun, superb tunes and nicely although not importantly, Welsh. I'm not sure which other bands I hear in this track but the dueling lyrics work very nicely indeed.

Los Campesinos - Death to Los Campesinos

Fury of the Headteachers...good name/rubbish name? Not sure but I'll keep this brief; if you've liked iForward,Russia! or Maximo Park in the last few years and wonder what a mix of the two would sound like, then give this lot a try.

Fury of the Headteachers - Farewell Comrade

Peggy Sue and the Pirates - Lipstick


I've got a soft spot for 80s revival digital synth beats at the moment; for example...

Van She - Kelly

Lo-fi-fnk- Whats on your mind?

Enjoy, welcome me back, ignore me, have fun but if you do stop by, do comment

Friday, June 23, 2006


So I've had my flat broken into and all my stuff taken, including my laptop. So as of now, I have no music. Nothing. Its not good. I don't really know what to do. And it also means I won't be able to post. Gutted, but until I get a new one, this is my last post. Sorry guys but there ain't much I can do. I kind of wish I could post a song about this maybe like Been Caught Stealing, but I don't have a copy. They took that too. Bastards.