Saturday, December 10, 2005

Missed the Best One

Cannot believe I missed the best gig I'd been to in that time but hey, mistakes happen.

The gig was Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at the ABC2 in Glasgow, yes another trip across country. The gig was put to the bigger venue of the ABC2 as the demand for tickets was greater than the original venue, Stereo, could cope with. The venue was still small enough though and there was a great atmosphere, the band wandering around at the beginning but this being there first time in Scotland, nobody really realised it was them.
Opening band Hockey Night were surprisingly brilliant. Not the support band I had expected from the most hyped band in the world right now, Hockey Night are a mix of Pavement with the fun of Ben Kweller mixed in. The crowd loved them and I highly recommend you head over to their site, show some love and download some tracks, particularly, for Guys Eyes Only which is a great fun track from their album Keep Guessin'.

The main act came out to a great crowd mainly complied of Scenesters with angular haircuts and bloggers who had had to wait too long to see this band. The band did not disappoint which was a huge relief after reading that Alec Ounsworth, singer, has a tendency to not put on a great show. This was not one of those however. The album tracks went by effortlessly and the crowd seemed to love everything. Is this love? and The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth were perhaps my favourites but it was a track which was new to me which I came away remembering. Satan Said Dance is quite different to anything on the album, but if this is the way the band are going then we have nothing to worry that they are going to be a one trick pony.
Awesome band, lived up to the hype and I've already got my tickets to see them in February (here in Edinburgh!! no travelling needed!)

CYHSY - Satan Said Dance (Live)



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