Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ones to watch for 2006 Part 2

This blogging lark is a bit addictive when you find out someone is actually reading what you're doing. If anyone else happens to stumble across this blog then please please please leave a comment as it would be really appreciated and makes me want to put more up.

My next two bands are two that I was really surprised that they didn't make more of a mark this year but I can't see them being ignored much longer.

First up are Kill the Young, three brothers making music influenced by a darker theme than most of the bands making any impression at the moment. Citing Smashing Pumpkins and Placebo as influences, it is the single that I am posting that has really impressed me. Great fast tune with simple lyrics and a killer chorus. The band hail from Manchester, have the tunes to make it and have a small tour planned for January; I recommend you go see.

Kill the Young - Origin of Illness


Next up we have White Rose Movement, a band that should really have been grabbing the headlines all year but for some reason didn't get the airplay they deserved. The name, I believe, comes from a group in 1930's germany who opposed the Nazi regime, but I think it also makes for a good band name. They are from Norfolk, base themselves in London, and have hosted some cool underground parties. The band have so far put out two brilliant singles; Alsation, the video for which can be seen on their website and Love is a Number, the most played song on my i-pod. This may be because, like most of the bands I have loved over the past year, Bloc Party, Maximo PArk, Paul Epworth aka Phones, is the producer. If this man is a stranger to you then think of him as the rock equivalent of what the Neptunes were to Hip Hop over the past few years; yes, that good (check the remixes he has done for various bands including Futureheads, Dreams of Horses has posted several of them overtime). Love is a Number captures everything that the public have loved about bands such as the Killers and the Bravery, cool looks, cool synths and poppy chorus', but yet no love for this band yet. Strange. I shall be seeing them in February supporting the equally excellent The Rakes, and this shall be my first time, very excited to say the least. I trust others will be showing them the love they deserve by then.

White Rose Movement - Love is a Number

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