Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ones to watch for 2006 part 6

Two very different bands for you tonight. Another from Leeds and one from Scotland. Sadly this is the first Scottish band I have posted for you but I would like to put up many more, I just have to see some more good ones first, the Edinburgh scene in particular being highly uneventful at the moment.

My Latest Novel are our Scottish band. The recommended track below is the first thing I heard of this band and if it is the first thing you are hearing then you are in for treat. The band come under that unfortunate term of "twee" so often applied to Scottish indie (see also Belle and Sebastian, Aberfeldy, Camera Obscura) but this song is so beautiful it doesn't matter what label you give it. Having seen this band at both T in the Park and supporting the Pixies this summer I can whole heartedly recommend this band too. Live they come across a lot like Sons and Daughters with the girl/boy thing going on but on record they are an entirely more gentle affair.

My Latest Novel - Sister Sneaker Sister Soul (wma)


The Sunshine Underground are our "Leeds band of the day" and are currently making quite an impression with Zane Lowe making them his hottest record in the world the other week. The band have a sound which, on this track, sounds a little like The Music or Kasabian which makes it all the more odd I like this track as I like neither of those bands much. New single Commercial Breakdown is also particularly good but this track is the one which got my attention and I think it may do the same with you.

The Sunshine Underground - Put You in Your Place



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