Saturday, December 17, 2005

Ones to watch for 2006 part 7

Firstly, i'm glad to see that some of the tunes are getting a high number of download. I don't know if someone else has linked to them or not but its cool, if you are looking at the blog at all, please please leave a comment as they mean a lot.

Todays bands indulge in a sound that takes its influence a little differently than most of the bands I have posted. In particular VV and the Rumble Strips seem to take influence from Dexy's Midnight Runners, but don't let that put you off as I am no doubt way off the mark.

The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club may have a name that makes you want to turn away and run but give them a listen and you'll be glad. Interestingly, the three piece are two thirds not gentlemen but are indeed of the fairer sex and make distinctly un-victorian music (pretty girls in the band is always a nice bonus). The band have toured with other blog favourites, Guillemots and British Sea Power and the latter's excentricity is a good idea of what TVEGC are all about. They are signed to Fantastic Plasic and have a short support tour with the Roger Sisters coming up.

The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club - My Son Spells Backwards


Don't know too much about Vincent Vincent and the Villains except that friends have said they were good live, have been going a little while, and this song remind me a lot Dexy's and Adam Ant stuff, different I know but give it a listen and see if you hear it. They are a London band, make a good sound and people are beginning to talk about them. Get in their early.

Vincent Vincent and the Villains - On My Own


The Rumble Strips have recently signed to Transgressive Records, have just toured with the highly recommended Young Knives and have put out a few records including recent single Motorcycle which was very good. Although I missed their recent support slot in Edinburgh, this live recording makes me a like them a lot and people must surely agree with me that there is a strong influence of Dexy's Geno here? Give a listen and shoot me down.

The Rumble Strips - Hate Me (Live)



Anonymous martin said...

hey man, stereogum loyalist here from california... found your blog through the link in the 2005 reader's poll comments. nice blog you have here! it'll be nice to have someone's opinion from inside the british scene itself... i expect i will be returning here regularly, so keep it up!

10:31 AM  
Anonymous TR said...


Thank you very much for posting these tracks of bands to wantch for in 2006. I love the Duels track. Thanks again and please keep it up.

9:43 AM  
Blogger harry said...

Great blog,

My money's on sunshine underground and larrikin love. I think undoubtedly people will cling onto larrikin as the next libertines.

Good use of the semicolon also! Will be checking back lots.

11:49 AM  

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