Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Been a While!

Klaxons seem to be getting a bit of press at the moment in the UK with an NME live review and some shouts in several other magazines. Difficult to pin down to one sound but eclectic if nothing else they remind me of Bloc Party or Art Brut with perhaps the haphazard attitude of Test-Icicles (R.I.P.). Maybe a case of image over substance but this track is definitly worth a try.

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow


The Fratellis sound may not be the most unique out their but they are still doing their thing very strongly. This Glaswegian outfit didn't impress me too much when I saw them early last year but rumour has it they kick ass live at the moment. You may hear certain bits of everything else going at the moment in a Monkeys/Libs type of vain but you are kidding yourself if you say you don't find the chorus to this track massively infectious.
The Fratellis - Creeping Up the Backstairs


Fields seem to me to be something like a British version of the sound between Death Cab For Cutie and Stars; not sure if you'll hear it but hopefully. Almost chilled out but with a slight apprehension its never quite comfortable. Really good music though and I could really see this band going somewhere. Anyone visiting this page who has enjoyed the Guillemots tracks should really take a look at this band.

Fields - If You Fail We All Fail
Fields - Song for the Fields

BONUS (and not British)

When this appeared the other week I had to get it straight away as this is the first of the solo effort from the lead singer of excellent Candian band, Stars. This is the first track to appear from lead singer Amy Milan's debut solo effort and I think it is absolutely sublime. If you can, have yourself wake up to this track.
Amy Milan - Skinny Boy



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