Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Not the usual

A few thngs today just to demonstrate the other type of tstuff I'm listening to at the moment along side the usual indie stuff.

Most unusually, I've been listening to a bit of Coldplay the past few days. Not that I would have anything against them ever but they are not a band I would ever put on a playlist or on out of choice in my room generally. This however is a rather special little remix by the main man of the remix, Jacques Lu Cont aka Les Rhythms Digital aka the Thin White Duke aka many other names. His name being next to a remix usually makes me give it a whirl, I particularly also like his remix of Mr Brightside, which if anyone requests it I would also happily post. This song is just brilliant though, takes all the best parts of the original, or the Kraftwerk bits if you want to get picky, and adds a brilliant beat and all types of other parts. It is about 9 minutes long though and is therefore quite a big file but nevertheless I recommend a listen as it is superb start to finish.

Coldplay - Talk (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)

Johnny Boy have been on rotation for me ever since they released the truelly incredible You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve. I wondered if they were ever going to make an appearance again and I am delighted to tell you that they are indeed back some fantastic new music. The music has a 60's pop feel to it but also I don't feel I can do justice to their sound with words. Its pure pop brilliance and when I heard this new track I was convinced that if this gets near the airwaves then this band could make it big. The boy girl harmonies and catchy lyrics on top of a great tune makes this one of my favourite songs of the year so far easily. Thanks to Yer Mam! for drawing this one to my attention!

Johnny Boy - Fifteen Minutes



Anonymous James said...

Hello there!

Thanks for the namecheck. The Johnny Boy album is a work of fucking genius. Christ knows when it'll be released though, but it's been leaked already. They'll be massive given a bit of exposure.

Thanks also for that The Harrisons tune. I heard it on MTV2 the other day (funny Kes-inspired video) and thought it was fantastic. I think that, because of the hyperbolic state of the NME these days, that some British bands have been overhyped, so it's always nice to find one that doesn't get talked up enough.

I'm off to sort out this week's mixtape now, one with a 'classic' feel to it.

Keep the faith,


8:10 AM  
Anonymous Trav said...

Johnny Boy can be found here...


11:58 AM  

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