Thursday, February 02, 2006

Some treats

The Sunshine Underground are a band I have posted on before but after seeing their incredible latest single appallingly miss out on the top 40 on Sunday I feel I must do something to help bring them to people's attention. The band have relocated themselves to Leeds and are easily one of the best out of an incredible bunch of bands in the city.
This track and other remind me of the Killers with the beats of the Secret Machines and the swagger of Kasabian. I love this track and if you head to their myspace you'l get more of the same. There is absolutely no way that this is the last we will hear of this band and if you want to be able to say you were listening to this months before the inevitable re-release, I veru much recommend a download of this track.

The Sunshine Underground - Commercial Breakdown


The Harrisons are a band that have been kicking about doing very little for a while. I saw a hugely uninspiring set from them early last year in a small venue in Edinburgh and even though I could tell they had the tracks, they just weren't doing it live. I've been listening to Out Tonight for sometime but when I heard Steve Lemaq play this track the other day I remembered what it was i liked about them. This song is a really good track, very simple but very effective and I'm glad I came back to listening to this band. Apparently they filled in as support on some of Be Your Own Pets latest UK tour so if they are good enough for that then I think they must have improved somewhat since I last saw them.

The Harrisons - Blue Note


Now, a strange final post but one with good reason. I am posting this Ryan Adams track for a numerous reasons. One is that he is my favourite solo artist and ranks near my favourite artist/band whatever of all time. His volume of output puts all other bands to shame with the consistency and quality. He has done nearly 9 albums, depending on what you count, of solo material in about 6 years and that isn't including any of the live tracks of which anyone could make easily another 20 excellent albums. My other reason for posting is that I am going to see him next week in Glasgow and am very excited. My final reason for posting is that Liz over at
Come Pick Me Up blog has been showing good love for this blog and her Ryan obsession seems to equal mine so this post is mostly a thank you to her, but also for you guys who may not delve into his stuff too often, to hear how amazing he is live. I can't recommend anything by him enough but if it has to be one album then its the one that this song originally comes from; Heartbreaker, a near perfect album.

Ryan Adams - Oh My Sweet Carolina (Live)



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