Monday, May 01, 2006

I just wanna go home, and listen to the Ramones!

The Hourly Radio came to my attention when I saw them supporting Stellastarr* in Dundee which was a most excellent gig not only because the starr* still rock despite some scathing reviews of their latest album, but because the unadvvertised Hourly Radio were fantastic. Although it was a small venue I didn't get a chance to talk to the band but after struggling to find any mp3s to post I emailed them asking if I could get some tunes, and they very kindly provided me with some. Since then I 've picked up a few more which have all been excellent and there are several more on their myspace. All the tracks are pretty brilliant but this one in particular has held my attention and been on most constant play. There is definitly a Stellastarr* element to the guitar, maybe even a U2 thing going on there. They also come recommended by Clap You Hands Say Yeah so I don't think I need say much more than you should really give this track a go.

The Hourly Radio - Lost and Found

Dustin's Bar Mitzvah have been kicking about for a while without doing anything of much importance. Then, like many a band lately, they released something that made me suddenly sit up and take note. If like me you are currently spending your whole day doing something you hate, studying for me, then this is the perfect tune for releasing some steam and jumping around at the end of the day. Great catchy tune which everyone can relate to, have a listen, you'll definitly enjoy this one.

Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - To the Ramones


The Semifinalists recently put out their debut album on V2 to, sadly, very little promotion or press coverage. This being a real shame because on what is a pretty good album, there are some stunning moments. On the quiet moments they are a little like Soft Bulletin-era flaming lips whilst other times they go orchestral and a little Broken Social Scene. This stunning track falls somewhere in between. This track has within 3 weeks crept into the top 25 most played tracks on my i-pod and I put this down to what goes on at 2 mins 40 secons in when everything that has been threatening to happen comes together and its incredible, a real treat if you have liked anything such as My Latest Novel over the past few months.

Semifinalists - You Said [Highly Recommended]

and, if anyone cares, I got this leaked line up, stage times etc for the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Dundee, my home town. It cannot be overstated how much of a big deal it is for a gig like this to come to Dundee, hopefully someone who reads this site will find this useful. It is too large to post this pic so it would be readable so I recommend saving it and zooming in.

Later... (and if you are on this page anytime please leave a comment so I know anyone is still coming by!)


Blogger SJ said...

It's a big shame about Semifinalists. I've heard them on the radio once on Marc Riley's Mint programme. It's a fantastic album, I'd go as far as saying it's better than the Flaming Lips new one.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous mic said...

agree with you both... everyone should know about the semifinalists... they are wicked live also...

the album is simply stunning...

5:11 AM  

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