Thursday, May 25, 2006

It would probably be difficult to blog much less

I tend to go to gigs at least one a week, often more and I often come out saying how awesome I've thought a gig has been. Usually I realise within a couple of days that it was good but little more. Over two weeks on, I'm still ranting about how good Primal Scream were at One Big Weekend in Dundee. Phenomenal. So stunningly brilliant. A pure rock n roll set. Rocks, Jailbird, Country Girl and Movin' on Up were some of the highlights but it never let up; it was sensational from start to finish. Even the "this is a new song, join in if you want" didn't stop things. Usually this gets a bit of a groan. When Bobby Gillespie says do it, you sing. And everyone did, and everyone loved the song. So here it is.

Primal Scream - Dolls

Ok so it doesn't take much of a reason for me to post that picutre of Be Your Own Pet with Jemina Pearl looking unbelievably hot at the front, but right now I have a reason.Having bought the album a good few weeks ago I have had a good few listens to it but the problem is that I rarely get past this track. Its so good yet a little frustratingly short. Superb though and reason enough to catch them live any time soon, I highly recommend them.

Be Your Own Pet - Wildcat

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly. Yeah the name doesn't do much for me either but this music is pretty damn good. Maybe not what the average Tommy Shots track is like. Nothing to get up and dance to but this is really good and does definitly not sound like the product of Essex. A little digital touch to an emo-ish acoustic track, I can;t describe it but its really pretty good. Have a go.

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly - Whitewash is Brainwash

Two pretty girls in one post? Yeah why not. The Ropes got in touch with me suggesting I gave their stuff a listen. So I did. And I liked. Not quite sure how to put it but there is a digitial sound going on and I hope they don't take offence but on a couple of tracks I hear Blink 182 type sound going on at the chorus. I'm pretty sure I'm on my own with that. Either way, nice stuff.

The Ropes - Kill her Off



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