Saturday, May 27, 2006

Recent Gigs

On Sunday night I went to see a superb line up for only £5 at Cabaret Voltaire which had Emmy the Great (very pretty, may well post on in the future), Semifinalists (see previous post and who were really great) and which had Tilly and the Wall headlining. I had come across a few songs by this band over time but it was when I first heard Nights of the Living Dead on the Moshi Moshi compilation (which also featured the Grates who I have posted on at Come Pick Me Up) that I became really interested. I loved this song straight away but I had no idea who much fun this band would be live. Visually they are quite different not least because they have three women standing centre stage, one of whom is tapdancing instead of the band having a drummer. The band were really good fun and I warmed to them greatly. One track stuck in my mind though and I think this is a lovely Americana-tinged love song.

Tilly and the Wall - Pictures of Houses


Guillemots may well have been blogged to death, and quite rightly so, since the release of the fabulous Trains to Brazil, but Friday night was the first time I had seen them live. Strangely the upper floor of the usually brilliant Liquid Room in Edinburgh was closed which straigh away cut down on the atmosphere but beside that I just think this was a poor crowd. The first half of the gig suffered a little from this but from Made Up Lovesong 43 onwards things picked up and towards the end the band really got in their rhythm and it was great. The high point however was when Fyfe Dangerfield took centre stage with only a tiny keyboard, no amp and no mic to sing Blue would still be Blue, everyone was won over. Good gig but I would love to see them with a better audience.

Guillemots - Blue would Still be Blue


Although I haven't seen this band live yet, I was sent a promo of Waxplanet's new single which is pretty awesome. I have to agree with the NME who said there was a touch of the Pixies about this band but I think its the vocals which sound much like Frank Black during his quieter moments. The new single Streets on Fire is particularly good but as I would rather you guys went out and bought your own copy, I highly suggest this older track to see you by until you buy it.

Waxplanet - Turn Me Up



Blogger SJ said...

I was at the same Guillemots gig, I agree with you, the band were good and the crowd could have behaved a bit better. I'm glad I'm not in the minority in thinking that the band were great.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous mic said...

i think i owe you a big thanks old son... was due to your post some time back that i actually found out about the guillemots.

saw them in london the other week also... brilliant. a lot better then i thought they would be... and i was already expecting a lot

blue will still be blue was simply stunning... i have never seen a gig so quiet. someones phone rang during his rendition in london .... priceless

5:08 AM  

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