Friday, March 02, 2007

Hopefully someone somwhere still checks into this...

The Teenagers seem to be gathering a good amount of buzz of late, not least over at Good Weather for Airstrikes which has been showing them a lot of love. And it was GWFA that brought to my attention just how little original material of theirs that is going about. Whilst I am not about to dispel that, here is a little of their own stuff, granted most of it has been remixed, for people needing a quick fix. Its good stuff and the bass lines dominate especially on the cool as fuck "We are the Teenagers"; got to love a theme tune.

The Teenagers - We are the Teenagers
The Teenagers - Sleeping Bag (Yo Yo Version)
The Teenagers - Fuck Nicole (Detect Remix)
The Teenagers - Homecoming (Bono Must Die Remix)

I've got a handful of others if anyone is interested but the excellent remix of the NYPC track "The Bomb" is available enough I think for most folk to find it themselves.



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hey thanks!
(i check it:) )

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