Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fall Out Boy (Yes thats right.. Fall Out Boy)

What with my Panic! At the Disco love getting greater every day despite them becoming more and more mainstream with every passing minute, I might aswell just come out and say how damn fantastic I think this acoustic version of Sugar We're going Down is. Thanks to Binky the Doormat for providing the mp3. If you haven't heard this yet and even if you are usually one to hate anything emo-shaped, seriously give this a go. Its really just Patrick from the band live on Radio 1 but its one of the best things I've heard in weeks.

Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down (Acoustic)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Patrick..even though that Pete Wentz is always doing stupid things and seemingly dominates the media attention that FOB is given, Patrick is the one who should take most of the credit for the great work he's done, musically.

:) Great stuff, hope to hear more from u!!!

Sorry for rambling, lol!

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, can you please reupload the guitars down version of sugar, we're going down? please?

12:09 AM  

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