Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Gameboy is dying

Crystal Castles are nothing new and the Klaxons remix here has nodoubt already had its run on your ipod but I still think that they are doing something just a little different to anyone else out there just now. How manic screaming and dodgy computer sounds come together to make something this good I don't know. Alice Practice is so incredibly tense and I absolutely adore the Lovers who Uncover mix. Perhaps not for everyone but worth a go.

File this one, once again, under the "not for everyone" tab but Hadouken's remixes seem to have grabbed a fair few blogs attention in the past few weeks with their work on Bloc Party and Klaxons and now here is their own track. Granted its already been a song of the week on Radio 1 so its not shiny new, but if you haven't heard this "grime-rave"(?!?) then give it a go.

Hadouken! - That Boy, That Girl