Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Demos/Fun stuff

Ever get into a band fairly early on and all you can get is some rough demos which, as its all you can get your hands on, are all you'll listen to for months on end. Then eventually the real version comes out and you of course love it, but you'll always love that demo you had that little bit more? Arctic Monkeys fans certainly know what I mean. I've had with numerous bands from the Killers to Ryan Adams and lately I seem to have come across more. This is a couple of my favourites that have since been remastered and gone on to have some radio play. Granted the actual version of this Men, Women and Children isn't hugely different from this demo but its certainly got a cleaner production and I think I prefer the unclean original. I don't know much about the band except it involves ex-Glassjaw member Todd Weinstock and I cannot wait to hear this track on a dancefloor.

Men, Women and Children - Dance in my Blood


Maybe it was the fact that even Jo Whiley is playing this on primetime Radio 1 now that makes me realise how much I love a demo. But Jamie T is about to become big and I recommend we cherish him in small venues on his next tour whilst we still can. I will personally be checking him out in Glasgow next Sunday at Nice n Sleazys, the night after my graduation ball. Its fair to say I'll be a little rough. Still cannot get enough of this track. Its just such damn good fun.

Jamie T - Sheila


Speaking of damn good fun songs, remember when Idlewild used to fucking rock? Remember when Roddy Woomble would scream songs from the start right to the triumphant end of Captain. Then remember when they stopped encoring with Captain and things went downhill a little? I can't slate them too much, I still love them and saw them at an invite only gig at the rather tiny Cabaret Voltaire last year which was superb. Nonetheless, this is why I got into this band and I hope they return to this form on their next album, or perhaps on Roddy's solo one.

Idlewild - When I Argue I See Shapes



Anonymous James said...

Haven't been over here in a while. Good work as ever, dude. Just one thing though, I can't seem to get Savefile to work at the moment, so is there any chance you can email me that Jamie T tune? It'd be much appreciated. My email address is Thanks in advance.

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