Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Rave?

I really hate the term new rave just as much as anyone else but its beginning to really become quite its own scene now. I've already posted on Klaxons quite a bit, been to see CSS lately, loving me a bit of Van She, so here is another couple of tracks which I can't help but feel they fall into a similar category. I haven't been as excited about a band on hearing one track as I was when I first heard The French Open from Foals. Its everything you would want, great build up and then a complete blast of shouting and noise. The build up is in fact really quite long for a short track, imagine a DFA extended mix. Beautiful stuff. The other tracks on their myspace don't quite live up to it but they are in the same vain. These New Puritans have been kicking about a bit longer and more of a reputation and this song is particularly good. The intro has a Joy Division-esque feel to it but this comparison fades quickly when the vocals appear. Great track, enjoy.

Foals - The French Open (Demo) (Highly recommended)

These New Puritans - Chamber



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