Monday, December 19, 2005

Ones to watch for 2006 part 8

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The Bridge Gang are another band from, no not Leeds, its the other one, London who are building up a reputation built on a fierce live show. As I've said before, a pretty girl is always a help and throw in a member who looks straight out of the Mars Volta and you've got the image nailed already. The name apparenlty comes from nowhere in particular and they come across friendly and sincere in interviews. The sound lies somewhere between Blondie and Nirvana, raw but with a distinct pop edge. Of the contemporary bands I'm hearing a Paddingtons sound and a little of the fun of the Cribs, especially in the sing-a-long of this particular track. Other tracks such as Pangs of Guilt have a stronger girl pop feel to them but this is a nice track to break you in.

The Bridge Gang - London Sky Tonight

Excellent myspace site as usual


But now for an artist who gave me, easily, one of my top 10 tracks of 2005 and I hope excels in the coming year, Jamie T. This track has been on constant rotation since I finally got a copy a last month. It can be found on the excellent Selfish Sons 7" which has been put out and is superb. The sound is something around stripped down Libertines and a distinct flavour of reggae in the intonation of his voice. His myspace and all on it is testament to his growing support which I think will flourish in the new year. I have no idea why Radio 1 didn't put this onto a higher playlist as whenever Zane Lowe played it the audience loved it. If you only download one track from my page ever, although I think you'd be foolish to do so!, please make it this, you won't regret it and the tune won't leave your head for days to come.

Jamie T - Back in the Game (***I recommend this more than any other song in this page***)



Anonymous wes said...

really digging that Jamie T song

3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bridge Gang are brilliant! This is a great blog, aready in my favourites :) Hope to see some Good Shoes, Bromheads Jacket or Elle Milano in this section!

3:20 PM  
Blogger Dany said...

I seriously love your site!

Exitfare approved!


5:23 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

I've linked you, but you better update soon, or else something will happen...

4:45 PM  

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