Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Some wonderings

So here is a few bands that I'm either not sure why they haven't made it yet or I'm wondering what will become of them. Its quite an incoherent post but I know what I mean.

Mystery Jets are perhaps the band that the most is expected of this coming year. The pressure hasn't stemmed from any particuarly immense hype (such as Arctic Monkeys) but from their position on the forthcoming NME Awards Tour. The reason this puts such pressure is that they are the opening band for the night, following in the footsteps of Franz Ferdinand, Kasier Chiefs and Coldplay. NME have put some amount of faith in them. The difference for me is that well in advance of the tour in previous years, I have already been turned onto the band by a storming single, whether it be Darts of Pleasure or I Predict a Riot, in any case these bands had a song a lot of the crowd would know. I don't think that Mystery Jets have this luxury and will have to put on a stormer (although new song the Boy Who Ran Away should have had some airplay by then at least). I personally believe this may be the band that don't really make it huge but I'd love to be wrong as I really love some of their stuff especially my posted track. I'll get back once I've seen them live and hopefully more of you will be fans by then too.

Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis


Second up is a band which has excited me more than most over the last year. Introduced to me as so often by Zane Lowe, Be Your Own Pet are an immensely exciting live band who I think will make it big this year. The band are four very young, average of about 18 years old I think, boys and girl from Nashville (making them the first non - UK band for me to post about) who make quick and exhilirating bursts of punk somewhere between Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Cribs. A beautiful front woman never hurts the cause and seeing her onstage last year, supporting the Kills, she has certainly been studying Karen O a little; she is forever moving and has excellent presence, staring out the crowd from time to time too. I think the band are an excellent prospect and have numerous great tunes from Fire Department to the rocking Spill. This track I'm posting is perhaps my favourite of theirs but from what I've heard is not due to feeature on their debut album. I like to see this in bands, not relying on their first releases for their first album, I just hope they have some on the album to match it.

The band are touring the UK at the end of the month, I highly recommend you go see.

Be Your Own Pet - Damn Damn Leash


Next we have The Longcut, a Manchester band who seem to have fallen of the radar a little. I feel it has a little to do with the manner they went about releasing things. Two excellent EPs which got them a load of coverage and a solid fanbase but from their things went a little quiet. Hopefully they will get their album out as early as possible this year and get moving again because this song I'm posting was an instant hit with myself and others such as a Quiet Life are equally thrilling. So come on, get the album out, get a full tour together and live up to the potential!

The Longcut - Transition



Blogger mike said...

haha I took that photo of Be Your Own Pet! Glad you like!

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Trixie said...

I really didn't like Alas Agnes - the last single from the MJ, but this one is better. Not exceptional tho nothing really exciting but not horrible either.

I've liked all the BYOP stuff I've heard so far and this is yet another good track. Really looking forward to hearing more from them.

Longcut haven't been setting me on fire really. I like the guitar but the voice does nothing for me which is quite handy given this is mainly instumental!

3:15 AM  
Anonymous James said...

I have it on good authority that The Longcut's album will be out this year, hopefully around april, and they will tour to coincide. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows them and he said that they just wanted to take their time getting it right.

BYOP are going to be pretty big I think (hope). They've got a good sound, uncompromising and noisy but with melodies to spare. Jemina Pearl's a very charismatic frontperson, too.

As for Mystery Jets, I think I'm the only person in Britain who thinks that they're a load of shit. I'm sorry, but I see right through them. Bunch of witless, faux-arty wankers. I've seen them live and heard everything they've released so far and nothing does it for me. If they hit the big time, I'll show my arse in the window of Debenhams in Manchester.

Sorry, just venting.

Thanks for the Good Shoes mp3, by the way. Now there's a band!


2:47 PM  

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