Thursday, January 05, 2006

Other band wonderings...

The Cribs were, preceeding the Kaisers et al, the first band that I got into from the current Leeds scene. The sad thing is that whilst everyone loves to talk about them and namecheck them, they seem to be getting nowhere. They have a relatively big and very devoted fanbase and anyone who has seen them live whether on their own or supporting, knows they blow the crowd away everytime(they're known for doing a duet with the Kasiers, brilliant when I saw them last year doing it at the Liquid Room). The three brothers are quite simlpy brilliant and whilst each album has a couple of skip-able tracks, all in all they are amongst the most enjoyable albums of the last few years. This track I'm posting was featured in the OC and is always amongst their best live. I love to shout along, especially to the "Hey Darling! HEY! HEY! Darling!" every time. Such Fun. They are touring again end of the month and have the brilliant Giant Drag along with them; what other reasons could you need to go see?

The Cribs - Hey Scenesters!


Next up are The Paddingtons who are another hugely entertaining and exciting band, from Hull, that, whilst owing a little to the Libs, have a fun punk sound all of their own. Seeing them towards the end of last year, I realised how devoted their fans were. The album wasn't out but they had every fan singing every word. The music mags seem to be more concerned with the fact that the band featured in Italian Vogue and got involved in some fashion shoots but who can blame a few young guys for taking advantage of these situations. I met them when they played the Venue in Edinburgh last year and they seemed decent guys, far away from the image they try to portray of hardened estate boys done good. The singles they have released so far have all been very strong, especially Panic Attack but this song I'm posting remains the most played song on my i-pod. Not sure why I love it but I know this much; its makes you run faster, makes you drive faster and puts a smile on my face each and every time.

The Paddingtons - Worse for Wear


Lastly for today, Cazals. The band are London natives and have toured with fellow Londoners and blog favourites The Rakes and (above) The Paddingtons. I haven't seen this band live or read as much as I would like to about them, but of what I've heard I'm a very big fan. Other early single Beat Me to the Bone is also worth tracking down but its this one that has been on heavy rotation for me. They do the Ramones thing of putting the band name as the surname and seem to have a smart and cool image. I'll try go see them live when I get a chance but for now enjoy the track.

Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys



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The Others have dissapeared too, and they were front of NME at one point. I went to a gig in Glasgow and there was only 50 people or so there. Quite sad really..

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