Saturday, January 07, 2006

The BBC Sound of 2006

The BBC have just released their annual list of what they expect to be the sound of 2006. Last year they looked ahead with bands that I was already excited about; Bloc Party, the Bravery,
Kasier Chiefs and Tom Vek. This year I look at the list with nothing but disappointment. The list is both predictable and sadly looks to the US too much. Artists like Chris Brown and Marcos Hernandez don't need to be put on lists like this as they don't need any help getting noticed, they have huge labels behind them willing to put money into doing this (I understand they may still be the sound of 2006 for some but not in any important way). Other bands on it include Kubb, who are fine but I just don't like them, Guillemots who I love and The Feeling who are dangerously dull. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah make it in unsurprisngly as they are truely brilliant and are already this years Arcade Fire. I think CYHSY will only get as big as Arcade Fire, few radio plays and generally good sales of their albums but are too obscure for mainstream, but I really really hope I'm wrong. They tour again at the end of the month, and I cannot wait to see them again, last time they were phenomenal (as were excellent support band Hockey Night).
Another band who make the list are The Automatic, a bunch of Welsh lads who, whilst not setting the world on fire yet, have released a very good single in Recover. Its got synths and everything so no doubt it will get airplay on Radio 1 shoudl it get the inevitable re-release (I would post it but cannot seem to get the link working. If you want a copy right now, head over to Headphone Sex for a copy)

I personally, am surprised that Blackbud and Larrikin Love didn't get on but then this list is hardly difinitive (they missed Arcade Fire last time!)



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