Saturday, January 07, 2006

A few bands for a dull Saturday

Komakino are a band from the forever rock'n'roll Derby who take their name from a Joy
Division track. The band got a fair amount of airplay from Xfm and a few at Radio 1 for this track which I particularly like. It has a really fun feel to it, good riff and predictable throw away lyrics that are great for sing along. The band have played with fellow scenesters iForward, Russia! (who have been getting write ups on blogs accross the pond, see Central Village who are finally giving them some BIG love) and White Rose Movement. Enjoy

Komakino - Say Something


Good Shoes were a band that I thought were going to get bigger and bigger and I just wouldn't get. I visited their myspace a few times, had a listen and just didn't like. Then I heard the track below. I had downloaded it and put in a playlist and forgotten about it. Then it came on unexpectedly and I didn't know what it was, but I loved it. The band are another that potentially could be big, they seem to have a large fanbase, the number of hits on the myspace being testament to that. Whilst sticking to a farily regular contemporary sound they still manage to come across original and the vocal style on this track in particular is brilliant. The band tour at the end of the month with Be Your Own Pet which I'm sure sounds as good a prospect to you as it does to me. ( You Fucking Love It blog has a short bit on Good Shoes and has posted a different track for your pleasure)

Good Shoes - Never Meant to Hurt You

Ok, had a link to that track but as with The Automatic earlier, I just can't get it working. Go to their myspace for a listen and as with the other, I'll post it sometime soon.



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