Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Far far far too long

Its been far too long, but I've got to that unfortunate time in my university career where its work work work unfortunately. Add to that a small effort to go to the gym a bit more and the small time it takes to update this hasn't happened.

Here's some little tunes for tonight though.

The Strange Death of Liberal England are a band I know near nothing about but Drowned in Sound named them their tip for 2006 so there must be something there. Its all ambient and progressive stuff but seems very nice. If you head over to their myspace and download Motor in the Sky and see what you think. Personally, from the bands Drowned in Sound were comparing them to, such as Jamie T, I'm surprised they won, but its good enough. If you have a second leave a comment saying what you think and if its good I'll track down some more and post it.


Morning Runner are another band that I have been listening to a fair bit. At first I was put of somewhat by the fact that they supported Coldplay but it seems that this was just a very good choice of support band rather than looking for band who sounded similar to the band. They employ a good piano sound, unlike Coldplay's however and good strong vocals. The songs are upbeat and catchy, I've seen them used to soundtrack some sport montages very well. All round impressed and I think their album will be very strong. Go see them on their tour if you get the chance.

Morning Runner - Be All You Want Me To Be


Bromheads Jacket are a Sheffielf band getting some nice write ups all round. They have a few good tunes but so far they aren't doing anything particularly special. Wooley Bridge is a track I like quite a lot but its been pretty heavily posted so I've chosen another just to spread the love. They remind me a little of the Cribs or Good Shoes but not sure their about to become big by any means, but don't let me put you off. They have a good fanbase and are touring a fair bit at the moment so check them out if you like what you hear.

Bromheads Jacket - Lions on the Prowl


Jamie Lidell is a name thats been going about for sometime now and even when he was on Jools Holland I wasn't all that impressed for some reason; to be honest I thought he was a little odd. But then I downloaded this track after seeing some people raving about it and I must say I was really wrong. This track is amazingly soulful and brilliantly put together for a white English guy. I've been listening pretty much every day to this track and still loving it, seems to be going down well when I've given it to friends too so if you haven't heard I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Jamie Lidell - Multiply



Blogger Larts said...

TSDOLE have a really fine EP out called "stop/go happy/sad forward/forward!" I have number 073. It's all hand made and contains 3 tracks. They are a band in the tradition of Mogwai, God Speed! You Black Emperor and so on. I really like that stuff and so will you.

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