Saturday, January 28, 2006

A little more

New Rhodes have been about some time, I first saw them supporting Bloc Party way back October 2004 and thought they were better at the time than the other support band, a certain Maximo Park. Since then they don't seem to have come to far and are only now getting headline slots. Lack of success however doesn't take away from how much I loved this song when I first heard it and how much I still enjoy it now

New Rhodes - I Wish I Was You


The world isn't really fair is it? The Killers and the Bravery come along and everyone thinks they reinvented the indie disco sound and everyone else just jumped on the bandwagon. Trouble is VHS or BETA were on that wagon a long before them and doing it a lot better (than the bloody Bravery anyway. Shouldn't bitch too much, enjoyed them live before I realised how bad an album they had put together). Saw V or B last year at the Edinburgh fesitival and thought they were brilliant. This is still one of the few American bands I've put up here but I think its ok to put another up who have been so criminally overlooked. This is disco inide of the highest order. I'd love to see them go out on tour with LCD Soundsystem, I think they would get a good fanbase from their fans.

VHS or BETA - The Melting Moon


Next up we have the lovely Long Blondes( I swear I'm not picking groups with hot girls intentionally, it really just happens to be that way). The band hae put out some good stuff lately and I particularly recommend Separated by Motorways. This is maybe less instant but I've been giving it a few listens lately and I'm impressed. A bit darker than some of the stuff here but the little Gang of Four lyric does it for me I think.

The Long Blondes - Autonomy Boy



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