Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday Already

Usually a week goes by and it doesn't bother me too much. However, with every week that goes by at the moment, its a week closer to handing in the dissertation I have done so very very little of. But hey, it will work out.

Not that they are needing any help with hype or anything, but if you get a moment, head over to Take Your Medicine who has an mp3 of the Arctic Monkeys brilliant/hilarious cover of Love Machine by Girls Aloud. Seriously, they do it pretty damn well.

Few bands who you should own some stuff by or at very least have heard a good deal by.

Dogs were one of the first of all the bands I have posted on, that I got into. I saw them live last year touring on the Jim Beam tour which was quite good as it was with the excellent Raveonettes and the somewhat less excellent Boxer Rebellion. The band share a lot with the Paddingtons and Libertines. Lyrics about London, wanting to escape and of course a little bit about love. In my opinion, much of their debit album, Turn Against this Land, was equal to anything that more successful yet similar acts such as Razorlight put out, just that nobody played it. If you get a chance to see them live I would recommmend you do so but first, have a listen to this. ( If you like, I suggest tracking down other stand out tracks, London Bridge and End of an Era)

Dogs - Tuned to a Different Station


The Rakes. What more can I say. They are excellent. Truely an excellent, fun band with more catchy choruses and smart lyrics than any of the other London bands going. I am seeing them next month with support from the excellent White Rose Movement and there are few gigs I have been excited about. Saw the Rakes first supporting the Others at the Liquid Room, then at T in the Park and then headlining there to a passionate sell out crowd during the Edinburgh festival in August. Brilliant each time and front man Alan Donoghue becoming more confident and eccentric each time (and addmitedly each time a little less of a charicature Ian Curtis). This track was the first they released and although a version ended up on their excellent album , Capture/Release, I think this original version is superior. Fast, always danceable, always relevant and instantly likeable, I particularly love a good clap along to this track; just try and resist.

The Rakes - 22 Grand Job (original edit)


The Rifles are a band I have not seen live and who I do not have in the pipeline to see either, but would love to. Both their singles so far, When I'm Alone and the fantastic Peace and Quiet have been instantly addictive and have gone down very well on mix CDs for friends. Both have been put on their own label, Right Hook Recordings, and have had decent, although nothing on what they deserved, airplay from Zane Lowe and some at Xfm. I think they are an exciting prospect and with new single Local Boy having been produced by ex Lightening Seed Ian Broudie, this band could definitly have a bright future.

The Rifles - Peace and Quiet


Finally just a couple of bonus tracks from bands who for some reason or another haven't quite made it yet, but have definitly deserved to.

The Crimea are a great band who's top new album, Tragedy Rocks, seems to be another destined to be forever overlooked. This is a track which had some decent airplay and made it onto daytime Radio 1 and seemed to get some good right ups but never came to much. Having been a huge favourite of John Peel, this track deserves some of your time and that the band have toured with the likes of Kings of Leon should tell you that you should give them a listen at least.

The Crimea - Lottery Winners on Acid (Peel Session - with a brilliantly Peel-esque introduction)

Eastern Lane may not have released much in a while but hopefully they will be putting stuff out again soon. The NME gave them some big love when they first came out and most agreed with them. Of course not everyone makes it based on good reviews alone and the band quickly fell from favour. Sad that because in this track that I am posting, is one of the best songs of recent years and although the intro in particular has a very Libertines-esque feel to it, listen further and you'll hear just how good this band are. Do not pass up this opportunity to get this track of you may seriously regret it!!!

Eastern Lane - Holy Arms



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The Rifles are playing with Milburn in King Tuts soonish. Just thought I'd say incase you want to see them.

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