Saturday, January 28, 2006

A lot to say in a week

Well this week went by very quickly without me getting much of a chance to blog but here we go.
I've noticed this week that albums by White Rose Movement and Be Your Own Pet have appeared around the net. I'm yet to listen to them both all the way through but needless to say that both have some excellent stuff on them and I'm pretty excited about getting my hands on them proper. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on Jemina from the band either (dear god shes amazing... anyone know what this photo shoot was for?

Be Your Own Pet - Let's Get Sandy (Big Problem)


Also out this week but properly in the shops was the new Rough Trade compilation, Counter Culture 2005. Each year I get very excited about the release of this and each year it lives up to expectations. This year I knew a lot more of the bands than previous years but that didn't take away from it making brilliant listening. My favourite track came from an artist I had no idea about , Matson Jones with a brilliant tune called New York City Fuck Off. I think I'll do a post on them once I know a bit more and sort out an mp3. Also on the CD was a track by Good Shoes, a band who I post on last month. I have to admit how wrong I was about this band because after initially being lukewarm to them, I'm loving them now. This is the track that appears on the album and its currently my favourite, everything about it is just right.

Good Shoes - Small Town Girl


Couple of bands that, appealling enough, came recommended by a friend and if you are into your darker indie may be worth checking out, both have stuff on their myspace pages for listening.

The Horrors - London (goth/punk/indie)

The Objects - London (I think) (indie/disco)


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